Paper Quillings

Where Setting Art Apart all began. Paper quillings is an amazing style of art. Incredibly tedious and detailed. You have to not only have patience with the placement and glue, but also the ability to coil the paper into usable shapes and designs. Mainly specializing in pop art, Carol is open to almost any reasonable commission ideas. Please enjoy some of the paper quills below, and reach out if you have any questions!

The piece that started my quilling adven
Peter Quill
Our newest commission piece finished! Lo
Wonder Woman
Louise Belcher from bobs burgers! Commis
The second piece of my commissioned proj
Captain America Shield is finished! This
The Punisher
Doggo love
Doggo love
Storm Trooper
_Stormtrooper_ Our newest quilling piece
Sooooo we saw DP2 today and I couldn’t s
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